#FUMovieReviews Under The Skin [SciFi] 9/10

If I’m honest, it took a few days for it to really sink in but that could just be because my piece of shit male monkey brain, struggled to get past the amount of Scarlett Johansson on show. And while she puts on a brilliantly controlled performance, I don’t mean her acting ability. Understandable comparisons to Kubrick have been drawn for Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer’s latest surrealist offering. Loosely adapted from a Michael Faber novel of the same name, it tells the story of an innocently reluctant femme fatal in the form of a disarmingly beautiful body snatching alien, preying on single, lonely Glaswegian men. With little dialogue & a primarily Glasgow setting resulting in accents anyone outside of Scotland or North East England may struggle to follow, the focus is forced heavily on to the beautiful cinematography. From surrealist establishing imagery & long held scenic shots to the other worldly black sets of the alien lair, visuals are the driving force in this modern throw back horror. It may be confusing at times but it is never less than incredible & now it’s had the chance to completely sink in, I look forward to watching it again with a new understanding, assuming i can get past the boobs.