#FUMovieReviews The Wolf Of Wall Street [Biopic] 7/10

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Martin Scorsese’s latest directorial offering. Based on the memoirs of hooky stoke broker Jordan Belfort who remorselessly peddled fraudulently inflated stocks during the 80’s & 90’s, accruing a multitude of sports cars, property & substance dependancies befitting his multi millionaire pay cheque. Fast paced, black humour, punctuated with glossy scenes of sex & debauchery providing plenty of laughs but its the tension between Belfort & FBI agent Denham that brings much needed extra depth & drive to what could have easily been a shallow film. Although not quite the cautionary tale it hints at being, The Wolf Of Wall Street offers brilliant insight into the greed & testosterone fuelled world of city stock trading. With Jonah Hill putting on a character defining performance as DiCaprio’s wing man Donnie Azoff, its well worth a watch. I just wonder how many 2d cunt bags will be inspired by someone who is basically a money hungry conman who’s grandeurs of delusion motivated him to success in a pool of soulless sharking bastards.