#FUMovieReviews The Selfish Giant [Drama] 9/10

Rising British director Clio Barnard decides to cast unknown, untested 13 year old actors as joint leads in her gritty Northern tale of greed & consequence & thank fuck she did. Arbor [Connor Chapman] & Swifty [Shaun Thomas] are 2 boyhood friends in search of treasure in the scrap laden streets & front yards of the poverty stricken Bradford outskirts. Excluded from school & left to navigate the desolate streets of Cameron’s “Broken Britain”, the pair are taken in by shady scrap dealer Kitten [Shameless actor Sean Gilder] who leads them on the path to inevitable tragedy.. – Incredible debut performances, stunning shot composition, unflinching scripting & a haunting lack of “soundtrack” couples with cinematography that plays the beauty of the countryside against the bleakness of austerity in rural, industrial England. An ode to the wake of Blake’s Dark Satanic Mills, raw as fuck. Really real shit.

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