“I shouldn’t have schmoked before sitting down to pen this nonsense, now I can’t write about myself without vomiting up some grandiloquent hyperbole, all you need to know is that I’m an ex angry booze hound, turned cynical stoner who somewhere down the line, started writing and in pursuit of work, moved to the Big Smoke. Then thanks to a bunch of unfortunate plot twists, became homeless, continued writing, became more misanthropic, continued drinking, embraced Nihilism, took to Absurdism and continued drinking until he mastered the art of talking shit. Hustled his way back into a fixed abode, found stability with handy short term financial donations from a multimillionaire-pop star he never met, kept writing, replaced the booze with weed, kept writing and gained some insight and a handful of stories to tell. People will project what they want on to an artist, it doesn’t matter who I am, I’ll keep being me to me & Stig Of The Dump will keep being me to them. It’s probably best to not over think it but that’s apparently “my problem”. On the other hand i’m good at saying dumb shit & occasionally something meaningful falls through the gaps”


“The struggle is the art”

A decorated World & Domestic battle champion, Steven “Stig” Dixon a.k.a Stig Of The Dump is a writer who’s individualist insight, misanthropic rants, cynical musings & heavy humour have found themselves at home on the dusty, crackling, vinyl sampled break loops of Hip Hop. A wordsmith with little regard for conformity, his back catalogue reflects the story of a marginalised artist, trying to balance the fight against his demons with the desire to escape them and the gradual maturing of an outspoken & unflinching lyricist, revelling in his niche. Fro the beginning of his first release The Homeless Micrphonist EP [Beer & Rap], written & recorded in just seven consecutive days, during a 2 month long stint of sleeping in the Foreign Beggar’s studio vocal booth; Stig established himself as a brutally honest & uncompromising voice in the UK Hip Hop scene. An unrefined, unfiltered classic, reflecting the anger & ever shifting temperament of a bitter, homeless drunk it received instant fan support and much critical acclaim, selling out the initial run and repress and achieving cult status amongst domestic Rap collectors and along with his next release, 12″ single Braindead ft R.A.The Rugged Man, has long since sold out and currently sells for collector’s prices. Having found base, an outlet for further release and a roof over his head, Stig’s subsequent full length LP debut, Mood Swings [Lewis Recordings] further solidified his reputation as a hard hitting lyricist and in the same vein as his previous offerings, continued to express the conflict, struggle and depravity of poverty, excess & urban life. Over the next two EP’s Cannon Fodder [Lewis Recordings/F.U.Music] & Piff Rhys Jones [Lewis Recordings/F.U.Music] Stig Of The Dump found stability through touring the world, covering rent & gaining insight & with stability came, maturity & his need for rebellion became focussed & more considered, culminating in his latest full length release Kubrick.

“A remarkable album”  Tom Ravenscroft BBC 6 Music

“Railing against society from the gutter” – The Wire

“A meticulous mini-epic full of self-reflection”  ****  Mojo


Artist: Stig Of The Dump
Title: Kubrick
Label: Lewis Recordings
Executive Producer: Jehst

Kubrick track list:

1. Standard Procedure
2. Bom-ba-dang-diggy-iggy
3. First Intermission ft. Confucius MC
4. King Grizzly ft. Micall Parknsun
5. Second Intermission ft. Mr Thing
6. All In Blind
7. What A Life
8. She ft. Rag’n’Bone Man
9. Broken
10. Kubrick ft. Jehst
11. End Credits

Stanley Kubrick was a master of the hidden narrative, a virtuoso of subtext and composition with an obsessive attention to detail.

Executively produced and heavily scored by iconic MC/producer JehstStig Of The Dump’s latest album Kubrick is a story rife with gritty comedy and honest tragedy. What begins as a braggadocio-laden rap album effortlessly plot twists into an open and poetic autobiography; a story arc reflected in the continually developing soundtrack. The script bursts with geeky film references, dexterous wordplay and poignant story telling, while the musical backdrop morphs seamlessly between classic boom-bap and left-field, spaced-out glitch-hop. 

A movie for the blind – “Press play and then smoke until it’s all gone Kubrick” 

Pre-Order ‘Kubrick‘ (Digital, CD and Vinyl) from BandCamp HERE

Stig Of The Dump Links:
Instagram: https:/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.comStigOfTheDumpUKOfficial

Lewis Recordings:

For more information please contact Mike Lewis on


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