DSP Ep38 – [06/06/16] Ft. The Burden

Apologies for the delay in posting, unfortunately recording was delayed due to unforseen detours to Brownsville.

Brownsville. Suck our dick. R.I.P Ali. #BattleOfTheBiggestCunt [vote below]. The weird rape bit. The boring politics bit. Remain vs Brexit by Retards. If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing properly. Partying with Rugged Man. Shit in the hall. Polyphonics. When was the last time you shat yourself? Take it to the phones. Shit joke. “Inna shotgun style”. Tramp Wank. Weed weed weed. You’re a cunt……. I Win. @DumbDumbZ. Shit for Drains.

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#BattleOfTheBiggestCunt – Vote Below.

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