The Selfish Giant [Drama] 9/10

Rising British director Clio Barnard decided to cast unknown, untested 13 year old actors as joint leads in her gritty Northern tale of greed & consequence & thank fuck she did. Arbor [Connor Chapman] & Swifty [Shaun Thomas] are 2 boyhood friends in search of treasure in the scrap laden streets & front yards of the poverty stricken Bradford outskirts. Excluded from school & left to navigate the desolate streets of Cameron’s “Broken Britain”, the pair are taken in by shady scrap dealer Kitten [Shameless actor Sean Gilder] who leads them on the path to inevitable tragedy.. – Incredible debut performances, stunning shot composition, unflinching scripting & a haunting lack of “soundtrack” couple with cinematography that plays the beauty of the countryside against the bleakness of austerity in rural, industrial England. 9/10. – Watch it!!!!!

imdb – 7.3

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