EPISODE 3… [Get Cancer]

Lesson 1: Don’t take a fat spoon full of carmel O.G wax straight to the face & then expect to be able to do something very new & surreal when you’re high as albatross hoop. Post match analysis & breaking bread with the goon bag Cancer Stu. We definitely struggled to get past the absurdity of podcasting, which was inevitable with a guy that’s been family for a decade plus but if you can bare the discomfort & unexplained hysteria, there is some solid gold in amongst the shit. Which is what we’re mining for after all. Forgot the format, failed to stick to the topic & learned it’s a bad idea to go in on the dab seconds before speaking to the ether but fuck it, at this point we’re fully blagging it anyways. Give me 2/3 more & we’ll have it on lockers.. i hope.


get cancer