Funny Sh!t – Big Jay Oakerson

“I love a girl who lost her parents young”

Currently my favourite active comedian. A killer at the crowd work, with a conversational style that makes it hard to tell what is riffing & what is worked material. His shit is hilarious. I only discovered the dude about a year ago & he doesn’t have an abundance of accessible material, certainly very little Stand Up footage, in fact i have only seen a handful of video’s, interviews & video podcast but his two crowd work albums, An American Story Teller & the more recent What’s Your Fucking Deal are both hilarious. Blunt, honest, self depreciating & responsible for making me look like a mad man after roaring with laughter on public transport. Thank fuck for the invention of the stand up album. Check his other Comedy Central – “This Is Not Happening” features HERE and HERE. And follow him on twitter @BigJayOakerson


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