#FUMoviereviews The Last Lions [Doc] 9/10.

I have to admit, I am hugely biased as a nature documentary fan. When done well they are not only educational but simultaneously, every bit Drama, Action, Comedy & Thriller as any Hollywood Blockbuster or revered classic. Far from Art reflecting nature, nature, even without the presence of a creator, is art. Narrated by poor man’s David Attenborough, in the form of everyones favourite uncle, Jeremy Irons. The Last Lions is a conservation documentary focussed on the journey of a lone mother & her cubs.. Despite my big beardy, angry tattoo exterior, I’m not some meat head borg of a man who’s only emotions are football & fuck. However I am sufficient a stereotypical man to suppress anything that might make me look like i’m not clearly a double hard bastard. That said I almost got caught out, ALMOST.. Admittedly heavily anthropomorphised, the story is as gripping as the huge fuck off hooks those furry monsters have on their Lion hands. Light a zoogy, watch it & realise you are just an infinitesimal foot note in an infinitely expanding ballet of chaos & natural order… SCIENCE, or in this case NATURE.