#FUMoviereviews: Godzilla [Action/Sci-Fi] – 7/10.

I initially had no intention of watching Hollywood throw money at yet another shit monster movie, especially one that had been butchered a number of times already. Godzilla is like the hulk, they never quite got it right after the first time, when technique, technology & CGI were so new that no one questioned how shit it all looked. I was so disappointed by the last America version, with its dog shit Jamiroquai theme tune & that shittest of all the shit Puff Daddy song on the OST, so had avoided ALL the hype & pre release info. However my wiz bought tickets for an advanced screening in order to enter a competition to go Japan, which we won’t win & I love films. Plus my admiration for Brian Cranston is such that I’d sit through a Sex & The Shitty sequel were he in it. The dude is an artist at the very zenith of his craft, his talent on par, if not better than any Daniel Day Lewis, Mathew McConaughhey or Johnny Depp performance. Hence, despite his short lived appearance, he’s easily the best thing about the film. That said, he certainly isn’t the only good thing. The relatively thin cast, starring most notably Kick Ass lead Aaron TaylorJohnson & Ken Watanabe (aka, what is he from, it’s doing my nut… To save your brain – Batman Begins & the incredible Memoirs Of A Geisha] & the third Olsen Twin, Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene & Red Lights) all put in solid performances. However aside from Cranston, the screen definitely belongs to GODZILLA & his mates, or enemies if you will. Needless to say, technique, technology & CGI have all finally caught up with each other. While there is definitely a little dairy in there, it’s more a medium Cheddar than the Stinky Bishop cheese fest I expected. I gave it 7/10, a very good score as 8 & 9 are rare & 10 is perfection. So grab some pop corn, forget about being a growed up for an hour & a half & watch monsters smash the shit out each other. If your mind isn’t blown by the crescendo of the final fight scene, the child in you is dead and it’s time to let go.