#FUMovieReviews Elysium [SciFi] 6/10

District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp’s latest offering could almost be set in the same dystopian future as his debut, if only a little later in the time line. Set n the year 2054, after abandoning earth, the elite live on Elysium, a man made space station. Leaving the rest of the population to exist in poverty as the globe descends into a crumbling scene of overbuilt decay. Seemingly fulfilling a preordained destiny, Max [Matt Damon] a legendary thief gone straight, finds himself facing an imminent death after an industrial accident at his menial production line job exposes him to a lethal dose of radiation. Can his mission to save himself bring salvation & equality to a polarised world.

While at times predictable & often feeling like it’s all been said before, Sci Fi fans, particularly those who enjoyed District 9 will be glad to see its lead actor Sharlto Copley return as Kruger, a savage sleeper agent charged with bringing Max to justice. Not the sophomore film i was hoping for from Blomkamp but with such an incredible debut, it was always going to be difficult. Although it’s hard to not draw comparisons to District 9, especially given the shared actor, director & design, Elysium is by no means shit & let’s be honest, the majority of most things are shit.