#FUMovieReviews Birdman [Comedy/Drama] 9/10

Rife with self parody of its off screen cast, Birdman see’s Michael Keaton playing Riggan, a mentally unstable, out dated Hollywood superstar attempting to shed his typecasting as a blockbuster superhero for the more “respectable” & “artistic” Broadway stage. As his desperation to win favour with both critics & the public, coupled with the pressures of directing & funding the whole production, problematic cast members & a petulant daughter fresh out of rehab all begin to crack open his already unstable psyche. Riggun must juggle his ego, depression, schizophrenia, opening night nerves & a theatre critic hell bent on burying his play before it has a chance to take off. With fuck loads of incredibly well acted, intense monologues & poignant commentary on the pitfalls of fame & success, punctuated with hilarious comedic moments & beautiful long shot sequences, it’s one of my favourite new films. Keaton has always been a good actor but his performance is career defining. Ed Norton from that Nazi film where they make the poor cunt bite the curb & Hangover Beard Face, Zach Galafanakis both turn in amazing supportive rolls in a beautifully written comment on ego, the fickle nature of celebrity & the inner working of Theatre. Fucking sick, if like me you need a payoff for the lack of explosions & spaceships, it’s in the pocket, done right. Watch it.