#KubrickLP LEAK – “All In Blind”

WE’VE BEEN ROBBED!!! – So it appears some elite criminal masterminds over at Bonafide Magazine have managed to infiltrate the Lewis Recordings laser security system, on some Ocean’s 11 & have snaffled a track from my forthcoming ‪#‎KubrickLP‬. Personally i think the argument about Internet Piracy & art is a nuanced & complicated one, on this occasion, it’s a free bonus for the people who enable me to do this shit, so aside from chopping off some dirty rats fingers, i’m cool with it. “All In Blind” produced by UK vet & YNR kingpin Jehst ft cuts from turntable legend Mr Thing. Enjoy it & share it where you can. Official single King Grizzly & Kubrick release date to be announced soon.


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