BRAND NEW VIDEO for Stig Of The Dump – “ONE“

Here is the BRAND NEW VIDEO for Stig Of The Dump – “ONE“ .

Directed by Nick Light with the help of Sektion Red.

The track is available NOW on CD/MP3 as part of the Cannon Fodder EP.
And i’m incredibly happy to announce is also available on


which you can purchase direct from me HERE.

Appearing on vinyl for the first time, alongside some of the supporter chosen “best tracks” from my journey so far.
Produced by Pete Cannon, One is dedicated to everyone who has ever had an arse hole of an ex.

As always, everybody involved in this project from start to finish has worked tirelessly & purely for the love of their chosen art, in order to turn thin air into solid gold. Please help support & aid me in thanking them all by sharing the video on any website/blogs or social media you may use. Just click the the “share” symbol in the top right of the vid itself or click the relevant logo below this post.

Thank you for your continued support.
This time next year we’ll be millionaire’s..

..or  hopefully at least, the rent will be covered.

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